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Wevin Private Limited
(Previously known as Webb India Private Limited)
An exclusive licensee of Jervis B Webb International Company

Products Non-Chain Conveyors Baggage Handling

Wevin Private Limited (Previously known as Webb India Private Limited) provides the most durable and reliable airport baggage handling systems in the industry from Webb. We also keep bags moving efficiently with our in-line baggage screening systems, which help airports meet new security guidelines. And each and every bag is tracked through every step of the system by Webb-View®, our sophisticated control system that anticipates jams and locates lost loads. We have the solutions for your airport baggage handling needs from start to finish, including industry-leading check-in conveyors and make-up devices.


Collecting, sorting, holding & feeding system for baggage with high accuracy

A BHS is used to convey passenger baggage in Airport to predefined locations for eventual loading onto aircraft & from aircraft to the passenger claim units. BHS means all the equipments, installation materials, interfaces, Hardware, Software, Computer & PLC Controls to implement a fully functioning system. Baggage handling system consists of Material handling equipments that is controlled by the Baggage Handling Control System (BHCS).




Check-in, Transfer, sorting & delivery system